Monday, March 18, 2024

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📅 Monday, March 18, 2024
• Murder-suicide incident in Lower Moreland
• Firefighter Mike Burns Honored in Heartfelt Farewell
• U.M. Man Convicted for Menacing with Gun in Road Rage
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DA and Chief announce murder-suicide incident in Lower Moreland Township

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele and Lower Moreland Township Police Chief David J. Scirrotto have reported that Durdona Sultanova, aged 43, was fatally shot by her former husband, Al Allaberg, aged 44, at their home in the 400 block of Carson Terrace, Huntingdon Valley, Lower Moreland Township, on March 16.

Following the shooting, Allaberg took his own life.

The incident came to light at 4:38 pm, after two young individuals from the household dialed 911, leading Lower Moreland Police to the scene.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the bodies of Sultanova and Allaberg in the master bedroom's walk-in closet. Autopsies conducted on March 17 by forensic pathologist Dr. Ian Hood of the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office concluded that Sultanova died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, ruled as a homicide. Allaberg's death was caused by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, classified as suicide.

Firefighter Mike Burns Honored in Heartfelt Farewell by Huntingdon Valley Fire Company

On Saturday, March 16, the Huntingdon Valley Fire Company honored the memory of Mike Burns, a dedicated firefighter and trustee, with a solemn funeral service. Tragically, Burns lost his life in a motorcycle accident on Sunday, March 3.

Burns dedicated his time and expertise as a volunteer firefighter at the Huntingdon Valley station, contributing significantly to the engineering department. His firefighting career also included valuable service with the Cheltenham Fire Company before his tenure in Huntingdon Valley. In recognition of his commitment and service, Burns was awarded the rank of engineer posthumously, a gesture announced in a heartfelt Facebook post by the fire company.

The funeral procession saw a remarkable turnout, with representatives from the Cheltenham Fire Company, Centurions Motorcycle Club, and various local police departments, including Lower Moreland Township, Abington, Upper Dublin Township, Springfield Township, and Whitemarsh Township, coming together to pay their respects.

This collective tribute underscored the profound impact of Burns's life and service, as reflected in a statement from the Huntingdon Valley Fire Company: “The outpouring of support today certainly exemplified a life well lived. Rest easy brother.”

Upper Moreland Man Convicted for Menacing with Gun in Road Rage Incident

Mohammed Al Jumaili, a 29-year-old resident of Upper Moreland Township, was recently found guilty of making terroristic threats, engaging in simple assault, and recklessly endangering others during a road rage incident on July 13, 2022. This altercation took place at the intersection of Welsh and Twining roads in Willow Grove, as reported by The Reporter.

The confrontation escalated when Al Jumaili brandished a handgun at a woman and her 18-year-old daughter, who were in a separate vehicle. According to police reports, the incident began when a blue SUV, driven by Al Jumaili, attempted to merge in front of the victims' car in the right lane. The attempt led to a heated exchange, during which Al Jumaili resorted to verbal insults and ultimately displayed a firearm.

Following the incident, law enforcement officials were able to locate Al Jumaili, who confessed to possessing the weapon. He cooperated with the officers by handing over a Colt .45-caliber pistol. During his statement, Al Jumaili suggested that the conflict was initiated by the occupants of a silver sedan, who allegedly cut him off and gestured rudely towards him.

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