Routine Traffic Stop Leads to Felony Gun Crime | Woman who worked in H.V. & Family Found Dead

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📅 Saturday, February 17, 2024
🚔 Routine Traffic Stop Leads to Felony Gun Crime
👨‍👩‍👧 Woman who worked in H.V. & Family Found Dead
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Abington Police Officers Commended for Apprehending Armed Suspect

The Abington Township Police Department recently recognized Officers Nico Belardo and Ryan Galiczynski for their exemplary service following the apprehension of a suspect involved in multiple offenses. On February 14, during a routine traffic stop, these officers encountered a black Chevy Impala emitting the smell of marijuana and occupied by two males. The subsequent interaction led to the discovery of illegal firearms and the arrest of Jeremiah Ford, a 19-year-old Philadelphia resident.

Ford faces charges including three felony gun crimes, drug and drug paraphernalia possession, resisting arrest, and various traffic violations. The initial traffic stop escalated when Ford exhibited evasive behavior, prompting a pat-down search that revealed a firearm in his satchel. Despite Ford's resistance, which led to a physical altercation, the officers successfully detained him. The situation intensified when Ford's brother arrived, aggressively confronting the police and attempting to physically intervene, requiring assistance from the Upper Moreland Police Department to resolve the situation safely.

Further investigation revealed two firearms in the driver's satchel, one with an obliterated serial number, and a third firearm, identified as a ghost gun, during a vehicle search authorized by a warrant. The department extended its gratitude to the Upper Moreland Police for their support and commended Officers Belardo and Galiczynski for their professionalism and courage in handling this dangerous situation effectively, ensuring no injuries occurred to police or suspects.

Woman who worked in Huntingdon Valley and Family Found Dead from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A tragic incident in Northeast Philadelphia claimed the lives of Maricel Martinez, a Spanish teacher at St. Albert the Great Catholic School in Huntingdon Valley, her husband Jorge Cardona, a cleaner at Springfield Township High School, and their 12-year-old daughter Angelina Cardona. The family was found unresponsive in their home on Thursday, February 15, and pronounced dead at 1:40 pm due to suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. High levels of the gas were confirmed by Acting Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy upon the arrival of firefighters for a wellness check.

Maricel Martinez and Jorge Cardona were missing from their jobs since Monday, raising concerns among their colleagues. Angelina was a beloved 5th-grade student at St. Albert, known for her bright spirit, smile, passion for drawing, and reading. Both the St. Albert community and the Springfield Township School District have expressed deep sorrow over the loss, remembering the family's contributions and the impact they had on those around them. The investigation into the source of the carbon monoxide is still ongoing, with officials yet to determine the cause.

Lower Moreland Township Police Department Opens Recruitment for New Officers

The Lower Moreland Township Police Department is actively seeking to expand its team by hiring new police officers. Interested candidates are encouraged to begin the application process starting Wednesday, February 21, with a deadline for submission set for Monday, March 25, by 4:00pm.

To evaluate the qualifications of applicants, the department will conduct a written examination from April 3 through April 6. Detailed information about the examination and application process will be provided to candidates who complete the application process.

Applicants can submit their completed applications through email to [email protected] or by physically dropping them off at the Huntingdon Valley station along with the necessary payment for the application fee. For the convenience of applicants, payment options include cash, check, or online through the township’s payment portal, Municipay, which incurs a minor additional fee.

This hiring initiative presents a significant opportunity for individuals looking to pursue a career in law enforcement within the Lower Moreland Township. The police department emphasizes the importance of integrity, professionalism, and commitment to community service in their search for new officers.

Interested candidates can access the application form and further details about the hiring process here. This recruitment drive aims to attract dedicated individuals who are eager to contribute to the safety and well-being of the Lower Moreland community.

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