State Rep. Kevin Boyle: Outburst at Rockledge Bar | Wyndmoor Filming of Catamount

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📅 Monday, February 12, 2024
👮‍♂️ State Rep. Kevin Boyle: Outburst at Rockledge Bar
🎬 Wyndmoor to Host Filming of Catamount
🌞 Old York Road Temple-Beth Am Celebrates Inclusivity for Jewish Disability & Inclusion Month
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State Rep. Kevin Boyle Investigated for Outburst at Rockledge Bar

The Rockledge Borough Police Department is actively investigating an incident involving State Rep. Kevin Boyle, following an outburst at Gaul & Co. Malt House, a bar located on Huntingdon Pike. The incident, which occurred early Thursday morning, has garnered attention due to a video circulating on social media. In the footage, Boyle, aged 44, is seen yelling at the bar's staff, with alleged threats to "hit female employees" and declarations that he would "end this bar."

This situation has raised concerns within the community and has prompted an official investigation to understand the circumstances surrounding Boyle's actions and to determine the appropriate course of action. The incident not only impacts Boyle's public image but also brings to light the serious issue of how public figures interact with citizens and employees in public settings. As the investigation unfolds, more details are expected to emerge, shedding light on the events of that early Thursday morning.

Wyndmoor to Host Apple Studios' Filming of 'Catamount' Series

Apple Studios is set to bring Hollywood to Wyndmoor, Springfield Township, as it films an episode of the new series "Catamount" on Monday, February 12. The series, a Ridley Scott project for Apple TV+, is a limited-run drama adapted from the crime novel "Dope Thief" by Dennis Tafoya. Tafoya, a Philadelphia native currently residing in Bucks County, lends a local flavor to this eagerly anticipated project.

The filming will occur at two primary locations: the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Flourtown Road, and the intersection of Willow Grove Avenue and Traymore Avenue in Wyndmoor. This production is part of a broader filming schedule that spans the Philadelphia region through July, with additional shoots planned in Bedminster, Tinicum, Bristol townships, and Sun Studios in Aston.

To accommodate the filming, there will be temporary road closures and traffic restrictions at the designated intersections. These restrictions, managed in collaboration with PennDOT, Springfield Township, the Springfield Township Police Department, and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, are designed to ensure public safety and minimize disruption to local residents. Emergency vehicles will retain uninterrupted access, with traffic stops expected to last no longer than five minutes at a time.

This filming initiative not only highlights the Philadelphia area's appeal as a filming location but also promises to bring a spotlight to local talent and landscapes. As the community prepares for the temporary changes, excitement builds for the unique opportunity to witness the making of a major television production right in their backyard.

Old York Road Temple-Beth Am Celebrates Inclusivity for Jewish Disability & Inclusion Month

Old York Road Temple-Beth Am is hosting an event to celebrate Jewish Disability & Inclusion Month on February 23, at 7:00pm in Abington. This event highlights the temple's commitment to inclusivity and honors the diverse abilities within the Jewish community, aiming to foster greater understanding and support for individuals with disabilities.

The Kansas City Chiefs secured their third Super Bowl title in five years by defeating the San Francisco 49ers in overtime, 25-22. Remarkably, one of the Chiefs' newcomers achieved this feat in just their 13th game. Taylor Swift, who is in a relationship with Chiefs' star tight end Travis Kelce, has significantly impacted the NFL this season, drawing a new audience and eliciting mixed reactions from fans. Swift was present at the game, supporting Kelce and the Chiefs in their thrilling victory.

Darwin Day, celebrated on February 12, honors Charles Darwin's contributions to science and his theory of evolution. This day encourages learning about Darwin's work and its impact on various scientific fields, leading to significant discoveries about human origins and beyond. It's also an opportunity to explore scholarships and contests offered by corporations to support students' education, with resources available on platforms like Scholaroo.

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